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Mini Split A/C
    • Will I still need access to shore power?
      Our standard kit enables most RVs to operate continuously off-grid as long as it receives at least 4.5 hours of direct sunlight every 2 days. Of course there are many variables to consider with this: click here to read more.
    • How many days can I boondock?
      Our standard kit enables most RVs to operate continuously off-grid as long as it receives at least 4.5 hours of direct sunlight every 2 days. Of course there are many variables to consider with this. Send us a message or Book a Call if you want more info.
    • How long can my Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) power my house?
      Depends on your consumption rate. For powering your home: if the goal is to only operate critical loads such as compressor-based refrigerators, compressor-based freezers, LED lights, CPAP machines, etc. then you'll typically see 5-8 days of continuous operation on one tank of gasoline. Air conditioners, non-compressor refrigerators, & water heaters (including coffee makers) are the largest consumers of electricity. Minimize these items to extend your time.

      If you're also running non-critical loads such as a traditional household A/C system, water heaters, absorption refrigerators, absorption freezers, etc., then you'll likely need to refuel your HEV with gasoline every 2-3 days.
    • Can I use my Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) to power my house or RV?
      This is the best alternative to a backup generator. We offer an easy-to-install engineered add-on kit for our standard off-grid power system. No more loud & inefficient generators that need to be refueled every 3 hours. Just your green hybrid car parked quietly near your house/RV.
    • Do I need to keep my factory propane system?
      Factory RV/Camper propane systems are used to power absorption refrigerators, gas ranges, water heaters, auxiliary heaters and auxiliary generators.

      We offer simple kits/tutorials to help you or your install replace each one of these systems with an efficient electric option.
    • Can I keep my backup generator?
      Absolutely, we have simple solutions available for nearly every kind of alternative power source you can think of. Generators, auxiliary solar panels, hybrid vehicles, grid power, etc.
    • My RV came with a propane generator; can I utilize this in my off-grid power system?
      Yes, we've designed a simple method of integrating this into our standard off-grid power system. Redundancy is a good thing.
    • My RV already has an inverter, charge controller, and auxiliary battery pack. Do I need to remove this to install a true Off-Grid power system?
      Sounds like you already purchase a higher-end RV to start with, congratulations!

      We recommend keeping this factory system intact in order to minimize the installation time of our off-grid power system. Additionally, this factory system can easily be reconfigured to automatically supplement if desired. Let us know if you want some help, we can walk you through it.

      Alternatively, you can remove the factory system and rely only upon our Off-Grid power system. However, it'll likely take you much more time to uninstall the factory system & components than it will to install our Off-Grid Power System.
    • Do you sell Victron systems?
      Victron has been a leader in the Off-Grid RV marketplace for over a decade. They offer many different components that can be wired to each other and programmed individually to produce an energy-efficient system. These typically end up taking up a wall of space in the basement of campers.

      We've decided to partner with Sol-Ark at this time.

      We have a passion for simple and reliable solutions that are easy to install and yet still serviceable. We've chosen to only offer robust solutions that don't compromise on quality or warranty.

      Out of the box, Sol-Ark's All-In-One inverters provide us with MPPT solar charge controllers, pass-through power source, auxiliary generator input, and automatic transfer switching (ATS). With a bit a creative engineering, we enable these same units to operate as a residential backup power source, charge an EV (electric vehicle), and utilize an HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) to power the RV or house. All of this is achieved leaving 99% of the RV factory electrical system intact.
    • Do your kits come with a warranty?
      Each component from our kit comes with at least a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer. For example:
      - Ductless mini split systems come with a 5 year warranty.
      - Sol-Ark inverter has a 10 year warranty (upgradable to 15 years)
      - Rooftop solar panel mounting systems have a 25 year warranty
    • How can I make my rooftop a/c quieter? Phone calls are challenging with the a/c running
      Two options:
      1) Modify the factory unit with dampeners, insulation, and a soft start kit. This will provide a slight reduction in noise (maybe 3 db), no change in energy efficiency.
      2) Replace the factory rooftop A/C with a ceiling mounted cassette head as part of an energy efficient ductless mini split conversion. Now you can even stand underneath the cassette while on the phone, without sweating. Mini split A/C system generally consume 1/5 of the electricity of a standard rooftop unit, so this means more time off-grid.
    • What is a ceiling mounted cassette? I thought ductless mini splits mounted to the wall.
      Ceiling mounted cassettes circulate air throughout the space in 4-8 directions while silently pumping condensation to the outdoors. This ensures supplemental fans don't need to be staged throughout the living space. The condensation pumps make sure no water drips from the head, even if you're parked on a hill.

      Most mini split system use a wall mount head. Wall mount heads blow air into a room from one direction oscillating from ceiling to floor and rely upon a level RV for gravity to allow condensation to drain outdoors instead of dripping inside your RV. Most folks setup fans throughout their RV/camper in attempt to achieve decent circulation.
    • Ceiling mounted cassettes are designed to mount into an attic space. Can it be installed in the outdoors such as on the roof of my RV?
      Great observation! You'll need a waterproof, outdoor rated enclosure to install a mini split cassette head on an RV. Just like all wall mounted heads, cassette heads need to be cleaned periodically. We recommend using an enclosure that is serviceable. We have a shippable, simple to install enclosure that is also serviceable, it fits cassette head of most manufacturers for 9k, 12k, 15k, & 16k. If you need a roof shroud or weather-proof cover not offered on our website, send us a message. We can likely design and ship you one very quickly.

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