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About Nick and Justin

We are called to be the light of the world, which radiates through our daily work and our interactions with customers. Off-Grid RVs was born out of love — not greed — and we work each day to please our Heavenly Father.


Co-Founder | Mechanical Engineer with a background in precision heat-treated gear and shaft manufacturing / Embraces a minimalist lifestyle with toe socks / Focused on seeking first The Kingdom of God / Cherished family activities include dancing, camping, & hiking


Co-Founder | Former Sniper at 1st Ranger Battalion / Founder of / Proclaimer of Repentance and the Good News / Freedom Facilitator / Favorite place to be is at the dinner table together with his wife and 2 daughters

Friends and Brothers in Yeshua

Off-Grid RVs began with a vision for energy independence during travel while doubling as a reliable backup power system for homes. Justin and Nick connected through mutual friends and started working on RV solar upgrades together. Justin is business-smart & excels in ideating simple solutions to complex problems, while Nick brings expertise in mechanics, engineering, manufacturing, and sourcing high-quality, advanced products.

In a significant meeting with an experienced RV solar consultant, Justin quickly recognized Nick's unwavering integrity and realized his capabilities exceeded those of an average solar professional. This discovery fueled their collaboration to introduce innovative products and services to the growing off-grid recreational vehicles and camper trailers market.

By combining Justin's experience in e-commerce, distribution, and business with Nick's technical background, Off-Grid RVs was officially launched with The Chief Cornerstone as its foundation.

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